got anyone a wider experience about OES Infrastructure without Novell
Client and W7 Workstations?

We didn't need absolut highest performance but an absolut stable and
reliable Environment (24h Healthcare).

- Is Performance with CIFS Access to OES NSS Cluster Ressources comparable?
- Is availability comparable (in special Cluster migrations, Filelocking
on Files)

Today we run ~250 XP Workstations on OES2
Cluster/Filesharing/iprint/Zen7 and Groupwise.

Now we are going to ZCM11 and W7/64bit and think about avoid to use the
Novell Client for Windows to reduce complexity and switch on Client Side
to AD-Domain and use OES Infrastructur only for the "Backend".

Most Novell Services (Groupwise/iPrint) are going to auth to AD too, so
why should we use Novell Client and the NCP Protocol anymore?

Is the NCP Protocoll so much better against CIFS in current OES
Implementations (i'm no Expert in this Things).