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    replace server with new server

    I was going through the documentation to replace a existing primary server with a new primary server for when the time comes to de-commission older hardware and hoping some questions can be answered. A basic rundown is there are multiple primary servers in the zone and they all have managed devices registered to them. The certificate authority is on the master primary and was created during zenworks install on it. The database is OEM sybase on a dedicated server. We have server config backups stored for all the primary servers. To replace one of these servers with new hardware and but keep the server identity and not have to re-register any devices to it I was going through docs http://www.novell.com/documentation/...a/bj3xt3x.html

    Everything is good up to step 9. - Restore the backed up zenworks server. While the server restore will succeed I am curious what to do with the "extra" server ID that is created. When the to be decommissioned server is powered down, its device name and GUID still exist in the zone. When the "replacement" server is installed and added to the zone it will have the same name but a new GUID will be created during install. The new server will have a device name of <server>-<guid>. When the zenserver-restore is completed, the replacement server will resume the device name and guid as it had previous but this "new" server guid will remain in the zone. Does one just delete it or is it better to make a database backup before the server swap then restore the database after the "new" server is running? This is not the master primary that is being replaced.

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