We use Pandora FMS monitoring software and they use a simple script to identify free space on a Linux partition.
df -kh /media/nss/VOL1 | tail -1 | awk '{ print 100-$5 }'

This command is used within their agent software to then report back to a central server the percentage of free disk space of VOL1.

The problem is that I used the server's console (Nautilus 2.12.2) to delete lots of data from "/media/nss/VOL1" and the Linux "df" utility does not seem to recognize all the new free space. NSS is is happy but this monitoring utility still thinks that VOL1 is low on disk space.

I tested a few things and I've confirmed that if I had used my Windows workstations with its Novell Client connection to that server's VOL1, the deletion would have been properly recognized both by NSS and this Linux "df" utility.

I restarted the server and still this "df" utility erroneously reports low disk space.

Any ideas on how to fix?