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Thread: Upgrade SLES 10 SP4 to 11 SP2 - LSI RAID

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    Upgrade SLES 10 SP4 to 11 SP2 - LSI RAID

    Hi! I'm trying to upgrade a server with SLES 10 SP4 to the last 11 SP2.
    The server has an Intel S3200SH mother with an integraded RAID controller and the SLES 10 works OK.
    The problem I have is I can't do the upgrade process because the installer can't see the linux partitions, just say "Unknown linux" on every partition.

    I see a warning in the log:

    REISERFS warning (device ...) sh_462 check_advise_trans_params: bad transaction max size (3340). FSCK?
    REISERFS warning (device ...): sh_2022 reiserfs_fill_super: unable to initialize journal space

    As far as I know the installer CD has the last version of the driver.

    Any ideas?
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