Hi All

We have ZCM 10.3.4 running on W2008. We'd like to upgrade to ZCM 11.2 (and move across to a VM).

I'd also like to put the db onto a separate server. We're running a SQL 2005 DB currently.

From what i understand i need SQL 2008 for ZCM 11.2. I'm currently setting up a VM for this, with SQL2008 R2.

If i was to upgrade my ZCM server to 11.2, is it backwards compatible with my various clients?

We're running 10.2 upwards currently, depending on the image.

If i try to install ZCM 11.2 onto a new VM, but in the same zone it fails because it seems to think the current version is 10.3.3...

Can someone have a look at all this and tell me the best way to go about it?!