Running NetWare 6.5.5 and Backup Exec 9.1 rev 1158

I have an HP Proliant ML370 G4 that originally came with an HP Storageworks
SDLT 600 drive. For the last couple of years, I have been unable to get a
full backup due to excessive data amounts, but we made due.

Recently the tape drive completely failed and I decided to go bigger to make
sure i could get full backups again. With HP's recommendation, I replaced it
with an HP Storageworks Ultrium 1760 and bought an Ultra 320 SCSI G2 Single
channel HBA to go with it since the original on-board adapter would not
support it.

Adapter and drive were recognized by the server during bootup, BE recognized
the drive after a restart and i was able to easily do a test backup.

I started a full backup at 9:30PM and went home. At 11AM, the backup is
still running and doesn't look like it will be done before close of business
today. I'm getting throughput averaging around 80MB per minute, whereas with
the old SDLT 600 I was getting 700MB per minute for the same data set. I
have an Ultrium 920 in another server (Proliant ML350 G5) that gets 1.5GB
per minute.

The cable is confirmed rated for Ultra320 LTO4 and i am not getting any
errors anywhere.

I was asked by HP Tech Support what version of firmware was on the HBA and
what driver I was using for the tape drive. Any ideas how to get that
information with out running HP_LTT?

The last time I ran HP_LTT it caused my server to crash in the middle of the
day. I don't need to make 80 people mad at me again. I will be trying it
again tonight, but I should be able to get the driver info without using

Any ideas on what may be causing this horribly slow throughput or what
drivers I should be using and how to check?

Thanks in advance.