OK, we have two primary servers and 1 external standalone sybase server. We originally had the embedded database but moved it to the external a couple of years ago (ZCM 10.x). Upgrade to 11.2 went well overall, but it seems that when we upgraded the original primary (that contained the original embedded db), the upgrade must have thought the db was still an embedded one as it installed Sybase and we saw during the upgrade process that it was updating/upgrading the db. However, all our conf files etc. are set up to point to our external db and NOT an embedded one. When we originally moved the db we followed the documentation on how to do so. I've even renamed sybase-asa to sybase-asa1 and even renamed the old db files to .old. However, sybase still tries to start periodically but fails to do so with the following from /var/log/messages:

Apr 25 11:06:14 zcm SQLAnywhere(zenworks_our_db_name): Cannot access
"/var/opt/novell/zenworks/database/zenworks_our_db_name.db": file does
not exist
Apr 25 11:06:14 zcm SQLAnywhere(zenworks_our_db_name.db): Database
server shutdown due to startup error
Apr 25 11:06:15 zcm SQLAnywhere(zenworks_our_db_name.db): Database
server stopped at Wed Apr 25 2012 11:06

Prior to me changing the db's to .old it would error saying that an existing database by that name was already loaded.

So, either the original "how to move an embedded to an external" documentation is flawed/missing a step or there's still something on the system that "thinks" it should try to load an embedded db. So, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this other than remove that primary and build another one from scratch?