Hello everyone....

I am using ZCM 11.2

I created a Windows 7 image of a Lenovo T500 laptop.

I then used another T500 laptop to put the image on.

Everything seemed to go OK once I got the imaging going.

After the image was done, I disconnected it from the network and rebooted.
It came up with Windows 7 and everything looked good. I changed the computer
name to reflect the different computer and it shows up on the ZCC.

My problem is that the two computers don't both show up on the ZCC at the
same time. It looks like whichever one is booted up last supersedes the
other one.

I figure that there is something unique in the Zenworks Adaptive Agent
configuration that is unique to each computer that is getting duplicated in
the Zenworks imaging process, but I don't know what it is.

In Zenworks 7, there was the ability to unregister a workstation to handle
this Would unregistering one of the two of them correct this, but how do it
reregister again?



Delon E. Weuve
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Auditor of State
State of Iowa
United States of America