I am having an issue with agent communication where the agent installs on a server, but is then unable to communicate correctly with the primary servers. This error is typically reported through the Zenworks agent status in ZCC "Unable to connect to the agent service through the IP Address or DNS."

It seems that when the agent installs it selects what it deems to be the primary NIC and then binds to this address. I have a large number of servers within my deployment domain and whilst in some instances it will be relatively straight forwadr to change the binding order in other instances this can be quite complex and will greatly increase the complexity and timeframe for our deployment project. Can anyone help with my questions below.

1 Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the default behaviour ?

2 Is there any way to specify the specific interface for the agent to bind to ?

3 Does anyone have any practical examples of workarounds for this issue ?

Many Thanks