Hi All,
I'm trying to configured cluster on OES11 and i have many problems with it. this is one of:

OES5:~ # cluster status
Master_IP_Address_Resource Running OES1 3
The error "commatose" show on status of data resource when i try to migrate DATAP_SERVER to the second node (OES5) with command: "cluster migrate DATAP_SERVER OES5"
The same problem occurs when i "cluster leave" with the master node, and the Master_IP_Address_Resource is running on second node but DATAP_SERVER.

My system:
Openfire( : ISCSI target with: 1GB for SBD, 19GB for DATA

OES1( Master Node, eDirectory
IP Cluster:
Data Resource:
Mounted ISCSI initiator SBD and DATA From Openfire

OES5( Second Node.
Mounted ISCSI initiator SBD and DATA From Openfire

i saw in the log file of the second node OES5:
Apr 26 23:31:15 oes1 ncs-resourced: DATAP_SERVER.load: Error opening NSS management file (No such file or directory) on server at /sbin/nss line 49.
it's because of the folder "_admin" doesn't exit on the second node.

i wonder how can make an _admin folder on the second node, it's not a normal folder. ????

do you have anyidea??
thanks for reading.