I have a new 11.2 system that I've been adding machines to. My user
source is configured to point to Edir, and client machines are
configured to login using the Novell Client. The Zenworks agent on each
machine doesn't seem to have any problem logging in to ZCM when a user
logs in, and the properties window of the ZCM agent shows the proper
user being logged in. Looking at the inventory of any Windows 7
machine, the login field is always empty, although it is somehow able to
calculate the primary user correctly. How is this possible? Also,
I'm trying to pull in demographics via ldap, but since the login field
doesn't populate and Asset inventory doesn't recognize primary user,
there's no way for it to know what user to pull the information for.
The system seems to be running okay otherwise from what I can gather, so
there's got to be something simple that's not allowing the inventory to
recognize the logged in user properly. Anyone have any ideas?