For various reasons I needed to remove the agent on two laptops. Both times
the removal process was completed and the machines were un registered as
part of the process including the removal of CASA (box was unchecked). Both
times after reboot the laptops would never get to a login screen. the OS on
both was win 7 sp1 64 bit and Novell client 2sp2ir2a. the agent was 11.2.
Wrote it off and re imaged.This time I did it on another laptop on purpose
not because I needed to but to see if the behavior was the same. Also this
time I preformed a zac unr before running the client uninstall. Same OS and
agent. same procedure and same results. no login screen. just sits at the
big blue windows screen that you see just before a login screen shows up. I
am able to boot to safe mode. Which I could on the previous two. ran the
agent cleanup and the response was no agent installed. On this laptop I took
the extra step of removing the Novell client 2sp2ir2a and rebooted. Now I
get a login. And I am able to get to the desktop. So I reinstalled the
client and agent. Bot successful. workstation registered in ZCM as expected.
Is this expected behavior?