I have an all Netware based GroupWise 802 system with a Primary Domain and 3 Secondary Domains, I will port all components to Linux shortly but first I want to add a test PO to a new oes2-linux server using NSS file system. There is one problem no matter how I try ConsoleOne from Linix or Windows I cannot create the PO. I can mount using ncpfs the Primary Domain and run ConsoleOne from the linux server but the install (ConsoleOne) wants to connect to the Secondary Domain into which I am adding the new PO I am reluctant to use the Secondary Domain as my install point for the new PO. If I try installing using Windows based ConsoleOne I also get the unable to connect to Secondary Domain error.

I can install a new GroupWise system on Linux no problem but trying to port a Linux based PO into an existing NetWare GW system has got me stumped, any ideas welcome. I don't want to move any of the existing MTAs POAs to linux yet, just want to create a new PO for testing.