Hi all,

Our company database is coded in DBASE 5 and is hosted on Novell Netware 6.5 servers.

Our users have always used MS DOS PC's with the novell client to run the application but recently we have began testing the application running under windows XP CMD prompt after connecting using Novell Client.

For the most part everything works however we are experiancing a problem on XP that doesn't exist when run on the MS DOS PC's.

Basically when the app tries to run the DBASE USE / FILE commands on a file that the user doesn't have access too a general failure (CANCEL, IGNORE, RETRY) is shown. Strangely if the user hits CANCEL / IGNORE the correct result is returned e.g. FILE returns .F.

The above problem doesn't occur on MS DOS!

After testing it seems that the windows PC somehow 'knows' the file is there and tries to access it and then fails - could this be the case?

Other windows commands such as DIR / MOVE etc return "A device attached to the system is not functioning"

Any ideas on any settings we can change to prevent this from happening?