I get constantly (sometimes it works, but not long enough to get the
registration done) the following errors in NCC for now a whole day:
ERROR: 502: Bad Gateway!
The proxy server
received an invalid
response from an
upstream server.

The proxy server could
not handle the request
POST /center/regsvc/.

Reason: Error reading
from remote server

502 Bad Gateway

Nothing in this server is configured to use a proxy server.
Unfortunately the Novell Customer Center only allows activation of
systems, that are missing SLES activation, but does not support
activating OES11 on a registered system.

That is really annoying. When will Novell/Suse come to a really working
software activation system - or at least offer a 24h telephone service
for those issues as most other software vendors, which require some
form of activation/authentication offer.
W. Prindl