i have a Problem with the Novell Client4.91 SP5 for Windows XP Workstations.
We have installed a SLES10 Sp4-Server with OpenEnterpriseServer OES2 SP3 & Novell ZenWorks. We use a Software called "CampusLan". Its a Software to manage and control pupil in a schoolenvironment, for example: lock the internetaccess, lock screen and so on.

In the Novell-Client its possible to set the default Login-Method, if i set the checkbox "Workstation only".
I can use the LocalLogin, maybe as administrator
or i can use the DomainLogin. In the the past time we have installed a temporary ADS-Server called 'gymwda.cam'

Today i wanna delete this Domain in the NovellClient-Settings, but i can't find a point to do this. I have already searched in the registry (ClientPC) for the domainname -> no searchresults...


How i can delete this Domain in the List??? The Domain is currently not avaiable and unused. I only wanne delete them.