I've done a new install of ZCM reporting 11 Sp1 onto a ZCM 11 Sp2 Primary server (SLES 11 x64 Sp1) and am getting the following error. Database is the OEM sybase, installed on it's own server.

A​ ​d​a​t​a​b​a​s​e​ ​e​r​r​o​r​ ​o​c​c​u​r​e​d​.​ ​T​h​e​ ​d​a​t​a​b​a​s​e​ ​e​r​r​o​r​ ​t​e​x​t​ ​i​s​:​ ​(​C​S​)​ ​"​D​B​D​r​i​v​e​r​ ​f​a​i​l​e​d​ ​t​o​ ​l​o​a​d​ ​:​ ​/​o​p​t​/​n​o​v​e​l​l​/​z​e​n​w​o​r​k​s​/​s​h​a​r​e​/​b​o​e​/​b​o​b​j​e​/​e​n​t​e​r​p​r​i​s​e​1​2​0​/​l​i​n​u​x​_​x​8​6​/​d​a​t​a​A​c​c​e​s​s​/​R​D​B​M​S​/​c​o​n​n​e​c​t​i​o​n​S​e​r​v​e​r​/​l​i​b​d​b​d​_​d​b​o​d​b​c​1​0​.​s​o​ ​(​l​i​b​d​b​o​d​b​c​1​0​_​r​.​s​o​:​ ​c​a​n​n​o​t​ ​o​p​e​n​ ​s​h​a​r​e​d​ ​o​b​j​e​c​t​ ​f​i​l​e​:​ ​N​o​ ​s​u​c​h​ ​f​i​l​e​ ​o​r​ ​d​i​r​e​c​t​o​r​y​)​"​ ​.​ ​(​W​I​S​ ​1​0​9​0​1​)
I've checked that the zenworks user can see the file: ​/​o​p​t​/​n​o​v​e​l​l​/​z​e​n​w​o​r​k​s​/​s​h​a​r​e​/​b​o​e​/​b​o​b​j​e​/​e​n​t​e​r​p​r​i​s​e​1​2​0​/​l​i​n​u​x​_​x​8​6​/​d​a​t​a​A​c​c​e​s​s​/​R​D​B​M​S​/​c​o​n​n​e​c​t​i​o​n​S​e​r​v​e​r​/​l​i​b​d​b​d​_​d​b​o​d​b​c​1​0​.​s​o

The database server is accessible as both the Main primary server and the reporting primary server can talk to it.

The "ZENworks11SP2_ReportingSP4 patch" has been applied and I did have to address problem with getting the reporting server started by following the instructions in this TID: Support | "Cannot initialize report engine server"

Anyone have any ideas where I can go next? I may try uninstalling/re-installing yet. But not today!