I have just updated my ZCM 11 server to SP2 and have had a minor "issue" for a while but am finally ready to try to figure out how to fix it.

Back when I deployed my ZCM virtual appliance and decommissioned the old physical ZCM server the old server was physically removed from our environment and the server chassis have not existed in our facilities for over a year. We used the documented process of transferring the database and everything to the virtual appliance and have been using the VA for about a year and a half now without any troubles.

The "problem" that I'm having is that under my Devices >Servers I still have the object for my old ZCM server, that when I try to delete it, it gives a message that the object "is a Primary Server and cannot be deleted. To delete a Primary Server, go to Configuration, Server Hierarchy, (select a Primary Server), Action, Delete ZENWorks Server." The only problem is that there are no additional servers under Server Hierarchy to delete other than the instance of my Virtual Appliance.

Now, back when I did my original migration from P to V I had to use the sybase database tools to modify one of the database fields correctly for a fix. I think the fix back then was that I had to change the GUID of a field that indicated the primary server from the old server to the new server's GUID. At that time I also noticed that there were other instances of the old server's GUID in what if I recall, was a database table that kept track of which features were installed on what servers. Should I be able to go back and manually delete the instances of the old server's GUID to finally remove that old server, or would I be better off opening up an incident to have someone figure it out for me? I'm just concerned because I do recall that the last 2 years when our licensing was getting audited that we shown 2 ZCM servers even though only 1 existed and I want to fix this before our next audit. Thanks!