GroupWise 8.0.2HP2 agents on Widnows 2008 servers
GWAVA Retain and some other trusted apps
No Message Retention Service enabled.

We only have one group of people having their mailboxes archived with Retain and there is no flag set to prevent the user from deleting mail before it is archived. The person mentioned below is in that group.

I just found out that Retain has not been archiving at least one mailbox because a timestamp was set on that mailbox to 3453170400 (Mon Jun 05 01:00:00 CDT 2079). I can go through and set the wrong timestamps back to 0 individually using the Retain console, but there used to be a NetWare utility for resetting timestamps in GroupWise (that I never used, only heard of). Is there such a thing for GroupWise 8 when run on Windows servers? Is that even an option, to do multiple or even all mailboxes at once? Or would there be other recommendations?