I have two oes11 servers setup doing dns & dhcp. Services are set up
w/ identical zones, subnets, pools, etc. DNS is fine, and dhcp starts
& works properly on each server.

When I setup the failover option, the server that's set to be primary
keeps dhcp running while the secondary one goes to unused.

During this time, no machines will receive a dhcp address.

In watching /var/log/messages, I see this in the secondary failover

Failover CONNECT from ccg-dns2: unknown failover relationship name.

This shows up on the primary failover server:

failover peer ccg-dns2: I move from recover to startup
failover peer ccg-dns2: I move from startup to recover

Primary server is ccg-dns1 with a failover peer of ccg-dns2, secondary
is ccg-dns2 with a failover peer of ccg-dns1.

If I take the failover peer out of the services, dhcp returns to
working properly.

Any ideas? Suggestions?