Hi guys,

Currently running 3 local physical servers with SLES10sp3 with OES2sp3 all
on 64bit with GW 8.0.2. I want to upgrade to SLES11sp1 with OES11 and
GroupWise2012. What is the easiest/best upgrade path.

My understanding is to upgrade to SLES10sp4, then SLES11sp1 and then OES11
and finally do the GroupWise.

I also have a XEN host running SLES11sp1 with a virtual SLES10sp3 and
OES2sp3 running DNS/DHCP. I would like to update the virtual server to
SLES11sp1 with OES11. I presume the upgrade path is the same as above.

Any help would be fantastic.

John (just a little confused) Gill