I ran into a problem with my original user where the system had created 1000's of duplicate folders. Could not find a utility to deldupfolders like we used to be able to do.

I archived all my mail and then deleted the user account. Created a new account and made a copy of my archive folder. Am now trying to use GWAFE510.exe to modify the archive to the new FID but come up with a single error during the process, the system tells me it found no files.

I am using GW8.02 with a version 8 client, if I rename the copy of the archive folder to the new FID (used to be able to do that in GW4.1) and then try to archive a message to the store, the system tells me it "needs to convert an older version of the database to Groupwise 6 " and then comes back with "Database store number is invalid"

Is there something I am missing in the process?