I have some user's that reported that they can no longer search their archives. I checked with one of them and they were doing the searches pretty generic (criteria in the "Full text" portion). I showed some of them how to search using more specific criteria.

However, they do have a point ... they says they could search with no issues before. So I checked 1 user, via File Explorer, and noticed that her archives grew from less than 500 MB to almost 4 GB's ! She says when she searches, it hangs (it's not really handing, it just takes a very very long time because of it's size). So, she closes down GroupWise and re-starts it. Same issue. I noticed that every time the client is re-started hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of encrypted attachments keep getting added to the archives.

I've traced this back to maintenance I've been running the past few weeks on archives. I'm running GWCheck's (Structural/Content on User/Msg DB's ... NO "FIX" though). Looks like when it check's the user.db and msg.db files and finds issues, it's BEEN rebuilding them. The next day I see these users archives starting to grow. I've run maintenance before like this and never noticed a user's archives continually growing.

Any ideas ?

- GW 8 SP2 HP3 back-end
- GW7.0.4 client