I'm looking at replacing our nw65sp8 server that's our slpda. I built
an oes11 server & per the documentation I believe I got it set up to be
an slp da.

Currently I have it set to sync w/ our nw65 slpda. I'm doing this to
make sure I can get this slp da to work properly before I look at
removing our nw65 DA.

If I point a server to my oes11 slp da & display the slp services, I
see 69 urls, whereas pointing to my nw65 slp da & displaying the slp
services, I see 219.

What am I missing here? Here is my slp.conf from the oes 11 server:

net.slp.useScopes = CCG-SLP (this is my slp scope)
net.slp.DAAddresses = (current nw65sp8 DA)
net.slp.isBroadcastOnly = false
net.slp.isDA = true
net.slp.dasyncreg = true