Okay gang I'm at my wits end. I'm running GroupWise 8.0.2 HP3 on SLES 11. In this system I have 2,500 faculty/staff accounts and 21,500 student accounts. I'm currently using 5 GWIAs for outbound traffic and two dedicated for inbound traffic hidden behind twin Barracuda SOAM & Virus firewalls. I have been tasked with creating a distribution list that will contain students and external email addresses. I've created the external domain, external post office, and external user (just one for testing). The external user has been set to name@domain.com address format and I have overriden the domain name so the the external user's only allowed email address is testguy@aol.com. My test distribution list contain several internal accounts and the external user. I've set my memberships and access control for the list, to include the external user testguy. All this works fine... I can send a message from the internal GW account that has access and everyone else gets the message, including the external user.

My problem is going the other way. The boss wants to be able to allow selected external users to post to the list. I have enabled "Expand distribution lists on incoming messages". I have not made any changes to the default Class of Service. Here is where I get confused. Now, any external user who knows the distribution lists address can send to it. I was hoping that placing the external user testguy in the access list that he would be the only external user that could post to the list. This is not the case. Am I missing something here? Is there anything funny that I have to do with the Class of Services that would restrict access to the distribution list while not affecting inbound and out mail for the GW users that are members of that list?

University of Central Arakansas