OK, I know Reload is the best solution here but I don't have the budget for it, at least not yet. So, in the meantime I would like to setup a SLES 11 server w/GW 8 agents installed and do nightly dbcopy backup of GW message store running on NetWare 6.5. I know I can mount the NetWare volume on the SLES server and run dbcopy and all that. I am just wondering if anybody else is doing something like this as sort of a poor man's Reload. And, I presume the Agents on the SLES server could be run and the GW Post Office would then come up on the SLES server if needed for Disaster Recovery - even though this is no where near as elegant as Reload. I already have a script written that does the dbcopy backup and that is rock solid - I would just need to make a few modifications for this particular setup. My reason for doing this is I do not fully trust tape backup, especially for very large message store (400GB) and want a faster recovery process just in case. Any issues with the "lower case" requirements of linux? Thanks.