I am looking for suggestions on the best way to move our current 3 pair of Netware 6.5 clusters to OES11. We are looking at doing this over the summer. We will need to support macs and ipads in our environment next year. I am trying to figure out if we can use the hardware we have/can or go virtual or a mixture of both.

All of the clustered servers are HP DL380's G4's (i386). Each clustered pair have their own MSA500 G2's connected. 1 of the clusters is used for Zenworks and the other 2 are used for DHCP & Data.

Additional hardware we have available for use currently:

1 - HP 380DL G4 (i386)
1 - HP 380DL G5 (64bit)

We also have an Vsphere with ESXi servers. (Can I install OES11 clusters on ESXi)? I had read that many were having problems joining a OES11 cluster on ESXi. When they joined 1 vmserver to the cluster everything seemed fine, when a second server from inside the vm tried to connect it always failed. Is it possible to have more than one clustered OES11 vmserver using vsphere and ESXi?

If I cannot install on ESXi (I believe I read that we have to use Xen), can I use the two servers listed above to run Xen and install the OES11 clusters on them? Then I could connect the MSA's to the Xen Servers.

I am looking for what others have done in a hardware pinch.

Thank you for your suggestions in advance!