We currently have the following problems with this setup :

- Windows 7 Pro SP1 fully patched
- Novell Client 2 SP2 IR2a
- Zenworks 10.3.4

We often encounter the following problems :

- When the users logout from their sessions, he goes back to the Login screen... if he presses any key it will stuck and flood the password field or wherever the cursor is placed. ( This happens on many computers )
---> To fix this you have to unplug/replug the Keyboard and or reboot ( The keyboard is not defective and many keyboards have been tested but mainly Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard )

- During the login of the user, the network maps don't seem to map correctly : randomly ?!?. sometimes the user gets 1 network drive... sometimes 2... sometimes all of them or none at all...
---> To patch this i added a manual script with net use to the drives, but i need to fix the problem... I also found that even if the drives are not connected and can't see them windows says that this letter is in use... Very strange... so i have to do a net use Letter /delete. This is probably why the client can'T map the drives...

Also :

- If file caching is active in Novell Client and transfering large files over approx 500Mb or more... It crashes Windows with a blue screen. If you deactivate the File Caching there is no problem.

Any ideas ?

Thank you