Hello Zenwork users. Since 2 weeks whe have the problem with many users that the login on WXPsp3, the nalexplorer started wich searching for icons. But after a short time its stops, and goes offline. So users don't get the application icons, and cannot work. Our workaround now is, to disassociat all memberships groups from this particaler user, and add them again. But problem can come back a few days later. Or sometimes whe trow away the c:\nalcache, restart de PC, and the nalexplorer works again. But also, then the problem can come back a day later. Whe use Zenworks 7SP1ir3aHP1 on a Netware 65SP8 server, and the zfdagent.msi on the clients.
Does anyone have ever seen this problem? Whe never had this, it works always fine.

Like to here from you,

kind regards,