Hi folks,

we need to migrate one DB/2 (which is able to use LDAP for
authentication, so we use our eDirectory users to login) to an MS-SQL
DB. From what I understand, MS-SQL uses SQL himself, an AD account or an
MS workgroup account for authentication and login.
We don't have an AD and don't even want to have one ;-)

What will be the best solution to provide our existing eDirectory users
an MS SQL login? DSfW, IDM, whateverelse?

Are there issues with clients using native NCP services via Client
4.91SP5 authenticating against an W2008 MS-SQL which is member of an

IF DSfW is the solution, I need to use the existing Tree-design. It's
not an option to build a separated DSfW-Domain with extra users.
Are there any known limitations, quirks or others I should remember
while building my opinion?