Hey Guys,

I'm after some advice.

We run a 3 node cluster which hosts user nss volumes, DHCP and iFolder.

We recently had one of the nodes die due to hardware failure. We back up the resources, but not the server OS, so i've had to rebuild it. It all went ok, but I left the DHCP unconfigured when I installed OES2 SP3. The node works great, failing over the nss volumes without a problem.

Now all the basics are ok, the server can see all the luns from our shared storage (including the DHCP nss volume), I've decided to get DHCP running on this node.

Now its probably just me, but in the doc's I can see how to setup DHCP from scratch, but probably because i'm blind, I can't see how to set it up on a node, when it is already running on a cluster.

If I try to configure DHCP in the eDir configuration in yast, with the same settings as one of the other nodes, the install fails with the error "Failed to configure Novell DHCP Services". All the eDir objects seem to get made, and everything looks ok, but if I try to migrate DHCP to the new node it will comatose. I can't see any errors in the yast log other than the failure at the end.

When the old node died I deleted everything out of eDir that had its name, and this time I named the server in lowecase, so i'm pretty certain the eDir objects are all new.

The old node died about 10 days ago and as luck would have it, the first node in the cluster died over the weekend due to identical hardware failure (a hard drive in the mirror failed, and it won't rebuild because another has predicted failures), so all of a sudden my project on the back burner has become a priority.

My question is, can anyone point me to any reading on just adding a node to a cluster, or have any pointers?