We are adding a new OES11 Linux server to an existing tree. We want to setup this server from a remote location. We typically will use a point-to-point VPN for this so the new server can join the tree and replicate. However, the router at the other end in this case does not support point-to-point VPN tunnels.

So, two questions:

a) Assuming no VPN connection, is there an easy way to get eDirectory information onto the new server? I know eDir can be backed up and then restored, but this is really meant to be done on either the same server or a replacement server that will have the same name, etc.

b) Suggestions for setting up a peer-to-peer setup between the two locations using something other than the routers. i.e. perhaps using windows PCs at each location. The main location, btw, has no Linux at this point--only Netware and windows PCs.