I'm not sure this really belongs in this forum, but none of the others seemed completely appropriate at a glance either.

In current versions of ZENworks, authentication can be assigned to a round-robin of multiple servers, satellite and/or primary.

On the workstation end, for any given login session, how can we tell which server handled the authentication? Do we have to manually parse e.g. the zmd-messages.log file (which isn't exactly the most readable thing in the world), or is there a better way to get that information?

For comparison, in an Active Directory environment, the domain controller which handled the login for the current session can be found in the %LOGONSERVER% environment variable. I don't necessarily expect the same approach from ZENworks, but that's the kind of information I'm looking for.

Also, on a mostly unrelated note: with authentication and so forth being configured at the server end and potentially handled via a round-robin anyway, what is the significance of the server identified in the "ZENworks Server Properties" of the "Agent Status" page of the ZENworks Adaptive Agent properties? Does the Agent rely on that server specifically for some tasks, irrespective of how things may be configured on the server? Or is it just a vestigial reminder of which server the workstation was pointed to during its initial registration, with no lasting functional significance?

I haven't been able to find any documentation of either of these, at least not by any obvious search terms (though I haven't gone manually trawling through the ZENworks documentation in depth, either).