Just after spring break, approximately the end of April, for no reason that I can see yet, we started experiencing iprint Authentication issues. No updates were done on the server [oes2sp2], no workstation upgrades [MacOSx Snow Leopard] and iprint. I have my students group added for user functions to the access control list of the printer in iprint. Before spring break, any student user could print to a printer if they authenticated first via iprint. After spring break, users are no longer able to authenticate. I of course checked the access control lists, and did some experiments. If I create a new user, and make sure they have the proper student group via imanager, the *NEWLY* created user can authenticate against iprint. If I try to use some older users that are a part of the same group, authentication fails. Just to make sure, I reset some of the older users password in the student group via imanager...user still cannot authenticate, only new ones can...but they are apart of the same group...I decided to do another test, I take the same old users and new users, and authenticated them against:

- The Novell client (All worked)
- NetStorage (All work)
- CIFS (No problem, users authenticate from MACOSX to cifs shares)
- Radius against LDAP for wireless (All authenticate)

Knowing that all of the user are technically working now, I try to re authenticate against iprint, only the newly created user, who is a part of the same students group, authenticates....this seems really weird to me. Does anyone have any idea what the issue is?

I will be trying an NLDAP trace, but I don't know if I'll see anything. As well, are there any specific logs I should be looking at?