NetWare 6.5 OES on top of it. All printer URL's so as "ipp://10.x.x.x". So far it was and is ok, because we have intranet and it does not matter, mostly all printer is used locally, so ... no big problem. Also we have in tree SLES 10 with OES on top of it and there is printer URL's as "ipp://dns-name". All by default. But now we could have handy to get access to these 10.x.x.x URL's also outside. So, how can (if ever) I change (add) as accepted URL "ipp://dns-name" wo breaking any so far working installations. Tried to set via ZENworks printer policy to access these 10.x as dns-name, but seems to ... does not work that way. I don't see such a options via iManager. NDPSM is loaded on server wo any options, I mean - LOAD NDPSM "SERVER-NAME_NDPS_Manager".
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.