I hope this is not already in a thread, I have not found anything yet, so if it is I appoligize ahead of time.

I have updated to Groupwise 2012, running on a SUSE Linux Server, and am slowly upgrading windows clients to 2012 client. I have one user with an attachment issue. They have a file that is e-mailed to them, in Excel, that they open, make one or two changes, and then print. They do not need to save, nor are they trying to save, the file for any reason. The file comes in with the same name everytime it is sent to this user. The first time the user opend the file, everything was fine. However on consecutive opens of the file, they get an error asking to replace the exsisting file with the one from the database. When I looked at the machine, there is a Groupwise folder in their My Documents folder, where it looks to store temp attachent files. These files seem to be auto saved to this folder, cause if I delete the file in question, the attachent opens fine, but when they close the attachment, the temp file is left in the Groupwise folder causing the next open to ask to replace the file. Has anyone else ever seen this issue? Any thoughts on how to fix this, so the temp attachment files are deleted and not left there? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!