Hi folks,
We've been running NSM 2.5 for a few years on Netware and have been very satisfied with the product and performance. We are planning to migrating to SLES11 with OES11 very soon to finally move away from Netware and I have some issues I can't seem to find answers to. Of course I want to use NSM to move my home directories from my Netware to my SLES so I want this working well when we migrate.
I've searched but not found a good resource to show how to move the NSM engine from a Netware server to a Linux server with best practices. Anyone have experience with this and any gottchas?
The other question is of course is to upgrade NSM to a new version before or after the move to Linux/OES11? We are at Ver and want to move to the latest version. Upgrade procedure and best practices would be handy.
The last of course is NSM compatible with SLES/OES11? I presume it is and certainly hope so because we want to move all of our users to SLES11 NSS.