Hello All,

I'm really hoping someone can give me some guidance on the following...

We have a form that consists of 4 sections, each to be filled out by a different person/role.

Then we have built a workflow that moves the form to a state corresponding to the form section.

I am trying to restrict modify rights so that only the appropriate individuals can complete their sections, and at the right time.

For example, section 1 is completed by the requestor.
Section 2 only becomes visible when the workflow moves from state 1 to state 2.
Section 2 should only be modified by the evaluator, who then approves and moves it to state 3
Section 3 becomes visible and the named user should then be able to edit it. But I don't want the named user in section 3 to be able to edit the fields in section 1 or 2...

I have tried setting the "Allow field level modification" to ticked and also unticked and then adding the workflow access control "Modify Specified Fields", but it is not making sense to me. It appeared to work, now it's not. I'm know I've gotten muddled, but now I am not sure that this functionality can do what I need?!