Hello, our team is trying to determine the best path for an upgrade to 11.2 from 11.1 and then getting ZRS properly installed as well. We are hoping someone can provide us some feedback.

+ Environment-Includes 2 Primary servers with ZCM 11Sp1, 1 MS SQL server. All 3 servers running Win 2008 R2-x64. Our SQL server running MS SQL 2008 R2.
+ History - Experienced a failed ZRS install/uninstall on our second primary server resulting in a complete rebuild of that server from scratch. So, we may have some existing zrs ms sql db entries that exist.

+ We want to get from ZCM 11Sp1 (with no ZRS installed) on two primary servers TO ZCM 11Sp2 with a current ZRS installed.

1.) What is the recommended high level upgrade path/steps to accomplish your goal? Upgrade ZCM primaries to SP2 first, then install ZRS Sp?. OR install ZRS version ? with ZCM 11.1 first then upgrade primaries to ZCM Sp2?

2.) Is there a preferred method for installing the upgrade(s), mounted ISO or direct from optical media for both the ZCM 11.2 and ZRS 11.? install.

3.) Are there any ZRS entries in the SQL DB that should/may need to be cleaned up prior to reinstalling ZRS?