Applications objects that I have migrated from a ZDM 7.x to a new ZCM 11.1 ENVIRONMENT come across with everything accept the "launch action". I have all the required LDAP mappings on Source server. I have re-migrated the enviroment a few times because I had some missing attributes. Now all the attributes are there but the "launch actions" are still missing.

Here are the attrib mappings for the LDAP source server

eDirectory Attribute Primary LDAP Attribute
App Contacts appContacts
App Flags AppFlagsOld
AppDrive Mappings appDriveMapping
App:Flags appFlags
App:Parameters appParameters
App:Printer Ports appPrinterPorts
App:Shutdown Script appShutdownScript
App:Startup Script appStartupScript
App:Working Directory appWorkingDirectory

Any ideas? Should i remove all the Bundles and restart the migration?