Is there a way to give Vibe users access to the files/folders in their home directory?

I'm pretty new to Vibe -- setting it up for a customer. It went well until they said they wanted to access nearly all the files on their file server, include home directories, with the same permissions as each user already has in eDirectory. I've read the docs and it looks to me like Vibe is not intended to be used that way. So far I've used ncpmount to connect the Vibe server to the file server and setup a single file mirror to that mount point, but that gives all the Vibe users the same file rights -- the same as the account I use to connect ncpmount. It looks to me like I'd have to make an ncpmount connection for every user to their home directory using their credentials -- a major pain to setup and to maintain. Isn't this what Filr is for? How much longer before it's available??