Hello all,

I have a problem and I hope that anyone can help me.

System: SLES 10 SP4 (64b) + EOS2 (64b) + GroupWise 802hp3

I'm trying to get groupwise authenticate to a 3rd party LDAP. The problem is with using chain certificate (with intermediate CA). If I use my selfsigned certificate with configured openldap etc., everything works. But when i try to authenticate against LDAP using certificate signed by intermediate CA, I get 65535 or 81 LDAP errors. After some ldap tracing, I found out that there's only problem with certificate.

After some time I figured out that i can use only der format (pem - b64/pfx doesn't work). Problem is with pem format. When I try to change it to der format (using openssl), I get only one CA from all the CAs in pem (there are more begin/end certificate) but der format takes only 1 and cuts all others. Does anyone know, how to change pem to der "correctly" or is there any workaround?