I have to set up a Global Signature for most users in one post office. It has to apply to all messages whether sent
1. from the client - easily done.
2. from webaccess - from older posts must be done on the GWIA, will the POST office and user level overrides be respected?
3. from the users blackberry through the BES. will this work through GWIA as well, The BES software does not support global signatures with GroupWise.

I need the signature to be on messages sent internally as well - ideally only when the messages crosses post offices ie: user1.post1 sends to user2.post2 but not when user1.post1 sends to user3.post1 and never for user4.post1 or allusers.post2

I only have one GWIA and when I go to the configuration page there it says it will use the default and that the default is set at GW_SYSTEM, how do I get to GW_SYSTEM is that the Domain?

I cannot have the signature on all messages that flow through the GWIA, do I have to set up a new GWIA?