I'm in the midst of expanding the storage on my GroupWise server and I want
to pass my intended process on to greater minds to see if I'm missing any
hidden "gotcha's".

The server is running NW6.5SP8 and eDir 8.8.5

Currently, both the SYS pool partition and the VOL1 partition reside on a
single 526GB LUN on my SAN array.
My plan to both expand my capacity and place each pool on their own LUN are
as follows:

Add a 10GB LUN and a 1TB LUN to the server's host group in my array manager.

From NSS menu:
Select Devices from menu, use F2 to re-scan and F3 to initialize each new
Mirror SYS volume on 10GB partition
Mirror VOL1 volume on 1TB partition
Allow mirrors to fully synch

Down the GroupWise system

Back in my array manager, remove original 526GB LUN from the server's host

From NSS menu
Select Devices from menu and use F2 to re-scan
Go to RAID devices, select each RAID and delete offline partitions

Run the "partfix /m" command from the server console
Reset server

From NSS menu:
Expand each pool to the limits of each partition's respective LUN.

Restart GroupWise

I've replicated the process successfully with a test server, so I'm not
worried about the mechanics of the process.
My test server is in its own eDir tree, however, so one of my concerns is
whether or not this has any impact in my production tree.
I've always assumed not, but wanted to be sure.

My second concern is one of space.
The VOL1 volume is down to less than 2GB of space.
I've also always assumed that the mirroring process only consumes CPU cycles
and a bit of RAM, not any disk space.
Is that assumption correct?

My third assumption is that the mirroring process will take the same amount
of time on identically-sized volumes, since it's not concerned with what is
actually on the volumes.
In other words, if the larger volume took an hour to mirror on my test
server that held no data, the same would hold true of my production volume
that's filled with data.

Am I missing anything that will come back to haunt me?

Thanks in advance,