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Thread: trying to extend existing raid5

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    trying to extend existing raid5

    the setup:
    NW 6.5 SP8, HP DL380G5, with smart array e200i.

    3 disks are configured in raid5, now trying to add a 4th disk, using cpqonlin.nlm.

    When I start the tool, and selecting the raid card, I got the following warning:

    "CPQONLIN.NLM has determined that one or more logical drives on this controller has been configured with RAID ADG and the RAID ADG enabler modules is missing or failed.
    The accelerator on this controller will be disabled until the TAID ADG enabler module is replaced or until all logival drives using TAID ADG are deleted or miigrated to other RAID levels.
    You will not be allowed to create RAID ADG logical drives untile the RAID ADG enabler module is replaced."

    I could click this warning away, and get to the Logical drive, Physical drive panes, however I am not able to extend the array. I follow the docs of cpqonlin:
    highlight the logical disk, and select it by pressing enter.
    the navigation jumps to the right tab, but there is no Extend Array options.

    I can see all 4 disks in the physical view. I can see the logical disk and the unused disk in the logical view.

    In other forums topics i`ve read:
    - you cannot extend array with cpqonlin. you have to use a smartstart cd.
    - you cannot extend array, if your cache batter is dead

    But I haven`t found anything regarding to that warning that I have quoted about the RAID ADG enabler module...

    I need advice how can I extend the array?
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