Anybody get this working or know what it does exactly?

It would make you think it would give you a way to move the cache elsewhere. I've tried to move the cache many ways...

By registering the program as all users to see if the cache would go to a central location for everybody....

SpoonReg.exe /allusers

That places some of the spoon executable files and I believe the desktop shortcut in a centralized location, but the cache and sandbox both still go to the local user's %localappdata%.

SpoonReg.exe /allusers /cache move

It accepts the command but nothing about the cache changes. Same with these. Accepted but nothing changes...

SpoonReg.exe /cache move
SpoonReg.exe /cache move

Also tried things like this that causes an error because of bad syntax...

SpoonReg.exe /cache=c:\temp\cache\ move
SpoonReg.exe /cache /move=c:\temp\cache\
SpoonReg.exe /cache c:\temp\cache\

Also tried those above with these commands at the end and they don't error but I think it just ignores everything after the app path. I also tried leaving the trailing \ off the path.

The major problem I believe is just the lack of documentation on how to manage SpoonReg. Both Novell and have very limited information on syntax and no examples.

Anybody have better ideas or a better source of documentation?