Trying to set up my last oes dns/dhcp server at a remote site. FYI
it's the same address as the nw65sp8 one I'm replacing, but I remove
edir, etc, do the old dhcp/dns server removal.

Server gets build, oes installed, dhcp & dns set up. I create a
service, subnets, zones, pools, tsig key, etc, set up (as far as I can
tell) *exactly* the same as my other services, pools, etc.

After I get everything set up, and also after I reload dns & dhcp
services, I can get this server to assign an ip address one time.

After that, I get an error in the client:

Access is denied.

I see these in /var/log/messages:

DHCPREQUEST for <ipaddress> from <mac-address> via eth0: wrong network

Unable to add forward map from <FDN of pc> to <ipaddress>: bad DNS key

My tsig & dns keys are identical, and are 8 chars long.

What gives? Any suggestions?