I have a litte problem with Zenworks 11 SP2 (incl. lastest updates) ........

I have create a 3rd party image (wim) and create a preboot bundle for it. In the same bundle i create a driver add-on image (wim) as second action. So when winpe boot, the program zenworkstodo.exe start and deploy my w7 image, but it doesn´t deploy the second (add-on) image after the first is finish.

If I change the order, that the add-on image should deployed at first, then zenworkstodo.exe also deploy after this the w7 image. (run in nonsense - there are no partition tables at this time ....)

Does anyone have an idea what this can be, or maybe has someone a solution for me?

Kind Regards

PS: sorry for my english is not my mother language ......