Just saw your reply ....

The extenision is listed and the type is".doc"

The document in question is accessible via document reference but a
search using key workds in that document yields no results.

I am going to do a Reset Word List and see if that helps.


PatM wrote:

> I see this post is a few months old--but were these errors on Word
> Perfect (.wpd) files by any chance? And did the extension on the
> version tab get wiped out?
> "Steve Babcock" wrote in message
> news:FJzrr.1652$
> I keep getting :
> Error: missing BLOB file on add/modify [c081]
> this occurs while proceeing the various dmdd00x files
> I have run various GWcheck routines including a reset word list. but
> so far no help.
> Any ideas would be appreciated.
> GW 8.02 HP3 on NW 6.5
> Steve