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Thread: Making Flatfwd or RealmailFrom work as everyone would like.

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    Question Making Flatfwd or RealmailFrom work as everyone would like.

    I see that this is an ongoing struggle with Groupwise. One that I am amazed hasn't been addressed by development after all these years. Most email servers that I have worked with support forwarding a users email to another email account and having that email show up as if it came from the original sender. In other words the email account that is forwarded works almost like an alias. I'm sure those gurus who read here have heard this question over and over but in all the threads and posts I find there doesn't seem to be a clean solution or one that appears reliable.

    What we want to do is simply, like we could with M+Netmail, forward all email coming into userx@ourdomain.com to their userx@localschoolsdomain.com account. We want the email to arrive to them, as if it was sent directly to them. In other words, forwarded inline as with a FROM: address set to the original sender. We don't want FROM: set to userx.

    We have Flat Forward and Use Groupwise user address as MAIL From: for rule generated messages checked on our GWIA SMTP/MIME settings tab and we have restarted the GWIA. This of course from my reading doesn't resolve when internal Groupwise users send email to the account but at least all outside email should be forwarded correctly. However, it's not working - whether we use webaccess to set the forward rule with only to: in the rule or use the Windows Client to set up a delegate rule again with only to: in the rule.

    Is there no solution out there to simply forward email like Exchange, M+Netmail and many, many other email solutions will do? With the number of questions about this over the years, I'm simply at a loss that it hasn't been addressed as a feature.

    We have users in our local schools which we want to have an address in our domain for ease of their department keeping track of contacting them. We then want them to be able to set a rule to forward their email properly to another email address. You see the local schools want them to be on their email servers instead so we forward the email from our server to them and they change the rule to point to their new email when they change district. We aren't alone wanting this.

    So gurus, what am I missing to at least get forwarding working as we would expect from external addresses? Also, is there a new solution with 2012 or something at least on the horizon for the next version that will address this simple feature.

    Thank you for the time. Maybe this thread will become the consummate thread to refer to in order to get at least outside email forwarding working as inline from the original sender.

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